Silent Applause

jon kenzie silent applause

Jon Kenzie - the fourth. Release date: 31.03.24. Whilst he draws influence from older artists such as, Muddy Waters, Al Green and Bob Dylan, he is also inspired by contemporary artists who explore a more vintage sound. Artists such as, Alabama Shakes, The Teskey Brothers, Gary Clark Jr and Leon Bridges. Jon's new album might be his most homogeneous one so far, as he explores a closer fusion of genres in order to give the album its own sound and identity.


1. Painfully Missing
2. Hashtag Blessed
3. Hunter of time
4. Two plus two is five
5. Turn me on
6. In vain for Love
7. Clinging to a hope
8. Return
9. Powerless
10. Lips to Ears




  • All tracks written and mixed by Jon Kenzie
  • Produced by Jon Kenzie
  • Mastered by Stevie Williams
  • Artwork - Jon Kenzie & Michael Dorn