Sing a little higher

jon kenzie

This is Jon's second solo album. Recorded in October 2013. Niklas Blomdahl wrote: "Wonderfully delicate, crisp and dusty. ´Sing a Little Higher` speaks straight 510 drip tip to the heart and sends shivers all over. Favorite track: Sing A little higher".



1. Sing a little higher
2. Coming around
3. Mr destiny
4. Hang me on the line
5. Pay no mind
6. Gloomy deep
7. Puppet King
8. Silly little thing
9. Four little words
10. Killing time
11. Work


  • Produced & Mixed - Jon Kenzie
  • Engineered & Mixed - Josh Parker
  • Recorded @
  • Mastered by Pete Maher Mastering
  • Art work by Jessine Hein